Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From Planting Trees on Tu B'Shvat in Israel to a Bible Tree Quiz

While listening to the radio yesterday, I heard about a tree contest being run for Israelis by the Jewish National Fund. Citizens are asked to send in a photo of their favorite tree in Israel along with a detailed history. Naturally, the competition is being held in honor of Tu B'Shvat and I'm wondering if it will lead up to a traditional Tu B'Shvat tree planting event as well.

The announcement got me thinking about your running a Bible/Israel tree quiz for your family/friends/students. I've done some of the leg work to get you started, so here we go.

1. Two different trees stood in the Garden of Eden. Name them.

2. Trekking through the desert, the Children of Israel reached an oasis in Elim where there were water springs and trees. What kind of trees?

3. Among the laws handed down to the Children of Israel, the law of Bal Tashchit deals with preserving trees in times of war. What kind of trees?

4. Which of the seven species grow on trees?

5. What type of trees did King Solomon buy from the King of Tyre?

Now it's your turn. To help you branch out and develop more questions, read this article on some of modern-day Israel's ancient trees.

Enjoy the mental climb!

1. Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge
2. Palm trees
3. Fruit bearing trees
4. Olives, Pomegranates, Dates & Figs. Grapes grow on vines.
5. Cedar trees

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