Monday, February 25, 2013

Bukharan Passover Seder Overture

No holiday is more colorful when it comes to customs than Passover. I thought I had covered all the customs in my book Passover Around the World, published in 2006. No way! I keep on discovering new, fascinating and fun traditions.

Today, I'm going to transport you to Bukhara, a Central Asian city located on the ancient Silk Road.  Its Jewish community claims they are descendants of the lost tribes of Naphtali and Issachar. They have a developed a tradition that I call the Passover Seder Overture. All the females tie packages of matzah to their backs. They choreograph a simple dance and sing the words (in Tajik -- the Persian dialect that is their native language) With Haste We Went Out of Egypt. What a wonderful opening act to the Seder night. Want to get a glimpse of a Bukharan Jewish song and dance? Have a look.
Want to continue the play? Read one of my earliest posts on Passover customs and you'll see that Seder night has a lot of home-made Broadway potential.

I'll be back with some more customs that will get you thinking.

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