Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hanukkah Around the World at Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, California

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Charna Schakow via email. Charna is a teacher at Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, California. She is a teacher with a mission and that mission is to introduce her students to the different traditions of Jewish communities around the world.

That certainly is up my alley! I was delighted to find out that Charna is using my book Hanukkah Around the World as one of her references, as well as this blog. What particularly thrilled me is the poster project that Charna developed around different Hanukkah traditions.

For Charna's students, getting these posters together is a Hanukkah version of playing Beat the Clock. With the time ticking during a 45-minute lesson, the students are engaged and love every second. Kol Ha'Kavod!

How does Charna do it? Read all about it in her latest blog post. In the meantime, thanks to Charna I'm able to share some of the fabulous posters her students made and give you an idea for a different approach to a Hanukkah lesson -- if not this year, then next!  And don't forget, Passover is just 5 months away. My book Passover Around the World will help you adapt Charna's project idea to your Passover curriculum.

For now, presenting some of the posters made by Charna's students. Enjoy every one.

If you have a holiday project idea that you would like to share, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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