Sunday, November 3, 2013

Start Your Own Dreidel Collection

Here's a custom that will get your head spinning -- giving yourself a new dreidel every year.

That's what I do. I love collecting unusual dreidels, so much so that I had a carpenter make this wood case for my collection. I've opened the door so you can have a peek, but let me show you a few of my favorites.
I adore this colorful dreidel. It looks like it could be the prototype for a home/class arts and crafts project.

In our house, Shabbat Hanukkah has a special spin, thanks to this dual purpose dreidel that also serves as a spice box. 

Speaking of combinations -- this is the best! An all-in-one Hanukkiah/dreidel/Hamsa, the latter for extra luck in playing dreidel. 

Salt and pepper shakers for the festive Thanksgiving/Hanukkah meal? A little bud vase for the table as well? Have a look at the trio on the second shelf.

But the dreidel with the best and longest spin?

You got it. Nothing beats the old fashion wood models on top. Which leads me back to an arts and crafts project suggestion: this year's wood dreidel model with a painted turkey motif. 
It's bound to be a collector's item! 
Another oldie but goodie? Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel. Have fun listening while you make this year's model.

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