Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cochin Jews Put a Plague, or 10, on Pharaoh's House

Here's a DIY 10 Plagues seder project that you can adapt from a custom practiced by the Jews of Cochin, India.

In addition to placing Elijah's cup in the center of the Seder table, Cochin Jews place a Pharaoh's Cup filled with wine near the leader of the seder. Comes the section in the Hagaddah dealing with the Ten Plagues, this cup gets prime time exposure. As he calls out the name of every plague the seder leader dips his finger in Pharaoh's cup then drops the wine in a special plate. When he finishes saying all the plagues, he washes his hands.

Now for the DIY in this age of ready-made seder gimmicks.

Sketch a picture of Pharaoh. Older children can do it on their own. Younger children will have fun using the sketch as a coloring page.

That's right, add color. Ancient Egyptians liked color and makeup. Turn Pharaoh into a colorful character -- one that looks like this

Make sure the images can be taped to the front of a juice glass. Make as many as you like -- only one for the seder leader, or a Pharaoh cup for each participant and watch Pharaoh and his kingdom "drop out".

Pharaoh sketch credit
Colorful Pharaoh photo credit

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